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Cairnhill Nine – Cairnhill Circle Integrated Development by Ascott Residence Trust Capitaland in Orchard. In Orchard Shopping District

Income Ceiling for Property Purchase

A few days ago Mr. Lee made the announcement that a Proximity Housing Grant will be introduced by the Government for all Singaporeans as a way to assist them in living closer to their parents. The grant will be offered to those who are wishing to buy resale flats near or with their parents, or to parents who are wanting to purchase a resale flat closer to their own married children in Somerset Cairnhill Condo.

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One analyst believes that, as a result of this grant for Somerset Grand Cairnhill Condo Capitaland, we may witness a rise over the weeks ahead in resale flat demand.

Mr. Lim has pointed out that many children wished to live closer to their parents and this would benefit families greatly. The move can solve a practical issue for Somerset Cairnhill Condo Orchard since children tend to live in the newer estates and parents in the more mature estates.

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He further added that this grant will more than likely be beneficial to Somerset Cairnhill Condo buyer who are first timers and purchasing a Build To Order flat, and the Special Housing Grant is mainly meant to help people have an opportunity to own a flat.

Also announced by Mr. Lee is the Fresh Star Housing Scheme, which will be focused on helping those who formerly owned homes, but are now living in rental apartments, to own a 2 room flat. The flats will also offer a shorter lease option with resale conditions that are stricter in order to make the flats more affordabl0 for Ascott Capitaland service suitese.

Ms. Denise Phua, who is a Moulmein Kallang GRC Member of Parliament, and who also chairs Social and Family Government Parliamentary committee, stated that this scheme is just part of a much broader path aimed at helping lower income households in Ascott Capitaland Condo.

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She further pointed out that, housing is not a key concern for those at risk of being left behind for Cairnhill Nine. Rather, housing is an outcome of several factors, such as them being born in disadvantaged circumstances, or being at a disadvantage due to their circumstances.

Ms. Phua adds that in order to assist people in breaking away from the poverty spiral. It is very important to take a holistic approach rather than just in economic or physical items, or material terms. While the community needs to step in, in order to give all around support, the social services and education sectors also need to play their part.

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