Cairnhill Nine Condo – Ascott Cairnhill Condo by Capitaland in Orchard

Cairnhill Nine – Cairnhill Circle Integrated Development by Ascott Residence Trust Capitaland in Orchard. In Orchard Shopping District

Capitaland Grand Cairnhill Condo

Developer for Grand Cairnhill Condo right in the heart of the City

Capitaland is one of Singapore’s largest real estate developer and has an extensive portfolio of completed quality projects under its name. To bring about quality product at competitive prices for Orchard Condo, Capitaland leverage on its significant asset base and development capabilities in order to source funding to develop high quality projects for its stakeholders and property investors.

Capitaland Cairnhill Condo

With significant presence in Singapore, China as well as other parts of Singapore, Capitaland focus on building quality homes that cater to different portfolio of buyers to serve their needs. Not only is Capitaland active in the Singapore real estate market, the Group is also active in other parts of Asia . Some of the quality developments by Capitaland include Sky Habitat as well as d’Leedon at Farrer Road. These 2 developments are iconic in the Singapore Skyline and have received good reviews on the development.

Grand Cairnhill Capitland Condo

Cairnhill Nine Orchard

Over the years, Capitaland has gathered a host of local and international awards under its arm which once again prove its presence in the real estate property scene. From condominiums to landed properties to Grade A Offices in Somerset Grand Cairnhill Condo Capitaland, these are properties developed by Capitaland. In an effort to diversify its stakeholder’s interest, Capitaland also invest in Grade A Offices as well as commercial real estate properties as well.

Somerset Cairnhill Condo

Capitaland focus on its people as much as it focus on acquiring quality real estate properties. The Group regularly send its staff for training to develop their full potential and drive corporate performance for Cairnhill Nine while The Group extensive histroy also means that it exercises fair employment practice.

apitaLand Limited, based in Singapore, is one of the leading real estate investment companies in Asia. The company was founded in 1998 with a primary objective of developing properties in Singapore under the authority of the Singapore Development Foundation (SDF). Today CapitaLand Limited has many branches in more than 20 countries across Southeast Asia. The company is also involved in the business of real estate within the Philippines and has recently completed an acquisition of a plot in Manila. The CapitaLand Limited website is located at:

The company primarily deals in the sale and lease of commercial and residential properties in Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau and other Asian countries. It also acquires property for resale. Some of its properties include luxury hotels, premium residential estates, commercial spaces and shopping centers. CapitaLand Limited’s portfolio includes villas in Singapore, villas in Hong Kong, commercial spaces in Macau, apartments in Hong Kong, premium properties in Singapore and villas in the Philippines.

CapitaLand Limited has its own website which offers properties for sale and rent. The website provides information regarding the real estate company as well as the different properties. The website also features testimonials provided by previous clients. Other than websites, the real estate company also maintains its own magazine, which carries bi-monthly property listings and an online newsletter. CapitaLand Limited also owns a number of franchisees and partners in different projects around the globe.

CapitaLand Limited specializes in various types of real estate ventures. It is particularly known for its Singapore development portfolio. Its venture into the private sector in the form of a company for the purposes of developing residential properties is gaining more popularity these days. Singapore is fast becoming one of the most popular choices for real estate developments in Asia.

One of the main attractions of Capita Land Limited is that it has a very strong local presence. The company owns and manages a number of properties in Hong Kong and Guangzhou. These properties are managed by local experts and they ensure that the tenants are satisfied with their accommodations. These properties have been made available to the rental market since 1998.

Capita Land Limited is constantly renovating its properties. They take great pride in the quality of the interiors as well as the landscaping. Most of the units have air conditioning systems installed, which help to maintain a comfortable ambience during the hot months of the year. During winter, there are electric shutters that can be closed to keep out the cold and the heat. Capita Land Limited has retail outlets as well, which display a wide variety of furniture, accessories and electronic equipment. There is also a restaurant in the premises, which offer a variety of cuisines from local and international cuisine.

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